Thursday, 22 March 2007

The Girl Who Changes Her Attitude (for like 10 minutes)

The Girl Who Changes Her Attitude

Beginning of the episode
This episode starts with that annoying Benny ninja guy (i think he might of be gay?).honestly he was just to hyperactive and in your face fag ,i mean i love my fags but if i was his friend i would seriously have to kick him in his (probably annoyingly bendy) genitals.

This episode Renee comes to a realization that crazy bitches don't win antm and tries to change her self by giving jael a weird drawing and poking at Brittany's weave.

even though i don't actually think Renee is a bitch (she just states her opinions and is genuine)i mean not compared to melrose and Monique anyway.

This was definitely the best challenge so far this cycle,although i feel really bad for Renee just that shes like homeless and everything.
But when that freaky AIDS patient ninja turtle person,introduced the challenge there was like a million DSL cock sucking faces

Then after the challenge Felicia and Whitney start to model in the mirror,and then go in search of a tyra photo for inspiration and Felicia asks the question that got her kicked of the show.
"Does tyra have a fierce picture ?"

Argument/Phone call
Then back at the house Renee calls her husband telling him shes coming home, and Felicia starts arguing with her because some girls want to use the phone. which is so rude give Renee 5 fucking minutes. shes like on the phone crying to her husband due to them being broke and shit
i really wish Renee would beat some of those bitches down. i know if i was in Renee's situation i would of punched that ghetto ho.
Photo shoot
The dead shoot was like a week late but still caused a little bit of drama for jael. and we also get the best antm comment of the cycle so far, Renee's because I'm a bitch comment.Loved it!

Tyra sends Felicia home.
Felicia was definitely more of a model than Dionne. I think Tyra just sent her home because of the question she asked earlier on the show.

next to go:Dionne/Diane

Next weeks episode looks awesome, were Renee asks Whitney if she thinks a plus size model,
will ever be on the cover of vogue and Whitney freaks out,
i guess she can't handle the big fat truth.

Peace & Love **from Antm&me

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Wednesday, 21 March 2007

The Girl Who Cries All The Time

The Girl Who Cries All The Time

Start of the episode/Makeovers
We start the episode with yay! makeovers, definitely my favourite part of antm. The makeovers this cycle were quite boring personally there was not enough drama for me.They turned jael into a creepy looking boy and Brittany into Ronald McDonald, the rest were forgettable.I think they should of done more with Sara's hair because I'm really not getting her, at first when i heard she was going to be like
i was like rooting for her but now shes just like a total retard who takes abhorrent photos.

Challenge/jael's junkie friend
yay! The first Death of the season.Aw poor jael she has her hair fuck with for like 6 hours and then her friend overdoses (poser chic. it was probably someone like Meg and she did because couldn't play her bongo's) maybe jael should join her friend, i know i would if was given that hair cut.I've gone off jael now with her poser comments and normal hair its just to confusing for me.

I always want the bitch to win, witch i know is really stupid of me as they never do. I'm really loving Renee but in that argument with Brittany,Brittany total kicked the bitches butt, i loved her "well at least I'm still kicking your arse in this competition"it was so catty and truthful.

Wax Work Natasha

Photo shoot
The photo shoot idea was fucking stupid it was probably supposed to be like bright colourful high fashion but it just turned out like, weird smurf lady's holding melted ice cream.


Tyra went weaveless. I think?

I'm glad there getting rid of the useless bitches early we don't want like another jaeda and Eugenia moment. Cassandra
could of done foot or hand modeling, she had a great body,but since they didn't give her a nose job for makeovers i figured that she was gonna get kicked.this episode really shows how dull she was, because usually the producers kind of make the episode around the eliminated girl so i guess
they could not
even find a story for her.

best photo of the week:

winner: jael
next to go: Dione
crazy bitch: Renee/Brittany


Tuesday, 13 March 2007

The girls who go to prom (and flash 10 years olds)

The girls who go to prom

Personally i like Samantha's picture
i thought Dianne should of got kicked shes starting to annoy me shes very jaeda like. In the sense that she sucks and shouldn't even to be aloud to model the plus size section in target. (I hate fat people)
jaslenes photo is super awesome, i never really liked her till now, shes definitely in the running to win.
Sara's photo looked cheap its like please coco Chanel (or Dior) wouldn't let her clean the runway never mind walk it, i think shes kind of joking about that, because if you were walking for channel than that's higher than all the winners of antm put together.
oh and Cassandra the black chick with hooker boots (i want a pair) has a hot body but fugly face she should go soon.
loved the bitch fight with jaslene but her photo sucked.

Also i was pissed that this episode wasn't makeovers the producers must be mixing it up a little.

best photo of the week:

ps. found some hot antm userbars

pps. here's a bit of an interview with Samantha, which she's tell Adrienne's photo is not in the house.I really liked Adrienne on the show.But i can see why the producers dropped her image, since she has like a cheap Internet porn show channel and then there was her really bad reality TV show my fair Brady.
Belinda: What will you do now?Samantha: I am going to get my portfolio together and continue to pursue modeling.
Belinda: Which of the girls will you stay in touch with in the future?Samantha: I was close to Brittney, who lives near me and Renee.
Samantha was nothing like her character on top model. I really enjoyed her interview and wish her all the best. Of course I asked her if Adrienne’s photo, the very first winner of top model, was in the house and she said no. “Shannon’s photo is in the house,” said Samantha. SHANNON!? Why is her photo in the house? Is she a runner up? I will get back to you on that.

WINNER: Jaslene
LESBIAN: Whitney

ppps.did anyone notice tyra's thigh boots.

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

The girl who wont stop talking

The Girl Who Won't Stop Talking

The cycle begins with the arrival of 33 contestants in Los Angeles, where they are immediately thrown into model boot camp. They meet Jay Manuel and J. Alexander, who test them with a quick photoshoot and a quiz on fashion-related knowledge. Later that day, they meet Tyra.
After the boot camp, castings start, and the pool of girls is pared down to twenty contestants. This set is treated to a party hosted by
Marc Ecko. At the party, the contestants each have their pictures taken, and the final thirteen girls are chosen based on these photos.
The next day, the contestants are surprised by Jay Manuel, who has arranged a photoshoot with photographer and judge
Nigel Barker. They are each given props representing a controversial social issue or political statement, including abortion rights, same-sex marriage, and gun control.
For the week's reward challenge, the girls are taken to a
Goodwill thrift shop where they are given three minutes to put together an outfit which reflects their personal style. After a runway show featuring their outfits, each girl's outfit was auctioned off to raise money for Goodwill. Jael's outfit received the highest bid. Her reward was to sign her name on the ceremonial check given to the charity.
At panel, the judges feel that Jael and Kathleen both failed to commit during their photoshoots, and they end up in the bottom two. The judges criticize Jael for her apparent fear of success, but decide that she has more potential than Kathleen, who is eliminated
Bottom two: Jael Strauss and Kathleen DuJour
Eliminated: Kathleen DuJour
Featured photographer:
Nigel Barker

Kathleen DuJour, 20, from Brooklyn, New York
Contestants not yet eliminated, in alphabetical order:
Dionne Alexander, 20, from Montgomery, Alabama
Brittany Carrigher, 21, from Savannah, Georgia
Whitney Cunningham, 21, from West Palm Beach, Florida
Renee DeWitt, 20, from Maui, Hawaii
Felicia, 19, from Houston, Texas
Jaslene Gonzalez, 20, from Chicago, Illinois
Natasha Galkina, 21, from Dallas, Texas
Cassandra Laing, 24, from Seattle, Washington
Diana O'Connell, 21, from Garfield, New Jersey
Jael Strauss, 22, from Detroit, Michigan
Samantha Francis, 19, from Pinson, Alabama
Sarah Vanderhaar, 20, from Lake Zurich, Illinois