Sunday, 20 May 2007

ANTM is Jaslene,YAY!

I changed my mine about a million times about who i wanted to win,
but in the end i was happy for cha cha.

visit this great site for updated ANTM photos.

Recap coming soon.

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Tuesday, 15 May 2007

The Girl Who Doesn't Dance (and aint no fucking lezbo)

The Girl Who Doesn't Dance

Start of the episode
At the start of the episode i was some what surprised that Britney wasn't there,I thought she might of just wondered back in the house off the streets,memory what?
The girls get thrown straight into the challenge which starts out looking like some kind of African over eaters camp but turns out to be a story telling dance task.
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This challenge is to dance and tell a story was so in Dionne's words irrelevant.
Renee begins the challenge and introduces herself as Nene which was cute at first but now just pick a fucking name has she not noticed that the task ended like 5 weeks ago.

All the girls dances were Brittany forgettable apart from Renee who mentioned she was abused (reminiscent of Caridee's suicide reveal last season)so Obvisouly she wins and picks Jaslene to share the prize.
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Which turns out to be pearls so i guess no more $2 hoops for Jaslene, but when she loses (and she will) I'm sure Jaslene will hoop again,i mean what else is she going to wear to taco bell.

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eat it bitch

Cocktails and a bitch
The girls make plans to go out but unfortunately Natasha turns out to be ill,so the other three just go out to a dull night club which was really boring. When ever the girls have gone out in other seasons they've like cheated on there boyfriends or something.
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Natasha "can't swallow" maybe Jaslene could introduce her to spiting.
So Jaslene, Dionne and Renee talk/bitch about Natasha which made me like Renee less ,one of them made a claim like she has a make believe family. It's just like what are they expecting to find out that's she going to turn out to be a alien,she just doesn't talk about her husband because he's probably not that interesting, that doesn't make her an x file.

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Photo shoot
The girls head back to the forest to meet with the girls from the fat camp for a photo shoot ,were each girl must incorporate a dance into there shoot,this idea was a bit vanilla i think they should of had them pose with poisonous snakes or even just kangroos.
Dionne as she mentioned during the challenge does not dance , which was shocking as there's one a part of the ghetto stereotype she doesn't fit.

Natasha uses the illness card for the photo shoot which i have to agree with Tyra I'm so over that,and she just puts no effort into the shoot what so ever. Witch i think might be for a deeper reason, maybe it's because Caridee last season started to fuck up around the final and she wants to win like her.

YAY! Finally a panel test I've so missed those,I thought this test was really unfair on Dionne because she's probably never seen the show before. Unlike jaslene who was locked in a cupboard watching every episode and continuously purging since she was rejected last season .
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The test is that the girls have to pick who has the most and least potental and the girls gang up on Natasha. Which she doesn't seemed bothered by, but then again maybe she just didn't understand.

No blacks no fats and no fems for the final 3 as Dionne/Brown/Wholahay leaves the down under.
I think Tyra was right to keep Natasha, the girls were so jealous of her.
I can't seem to figure out were the jealously is coming from. Also Natasha's too stupid to be manipulative,
i mean is this really the face of evil?
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(as the other 2 are being made out to be bitches)
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PS. were the fucks Janice if shes not in the next episode I'm gonna be pissed.
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here's a simple answer to those who dislike
our blog :just do not read it.I'm not writing this blog for Nobel prize winners it a little review/make fun of ANTM blog. If you don't like it that is because it's probably not aimed at you. Also I'm getting bored off you're little lame cyber argument's.

*** peace & love

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

The Girl Who Blames The Taxi Driver (and Rosie O'Donnell)

The Girl Who Blames The Taxi Driver

Start of the episode

The start of the episode shows the girls mourning the bringer of light Jael,and Renee displays a fair point that Brittany used her "short term memory loss "to guilt the jugdes in to picking her over jael.Which i totally agree with,also weaveless brittany looks like a freaky soccer mom, she should like sew it back in or something.

The girls recieve the Tyra mail which has some kind of riddle with the words "go see" in it,that kind of makes me wonder when tyra is going to give up with riddles ,i mean how many more riddles can you do with the words go fucking see in them.
The challenge was to go round Sidney to go sees and get back with in a cerntian time,which turns into cleptomainism for Dionne which i found strangley cute. Brittany does really bad and can not walk good enough for the designers even though she won the walking challenge.apparently in her cover girl interview that was to do with nerves .
Rennee ,Dionne and Jaslene make it back in time for the challenge
check out jaslene sublte reactions to here challenge win but i can forgive as it was with the weirdly pervy but sexy Nigel Barker.
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then Natasha is disquallified for being a minute late which sucks.
Then half an hour later brittany arrives which leads to a new chapter:

Rosie O' Donnell's evil loos VS Brittany's blurred swearing
When told she is disqualified Brittany does a total Melrose freak out and blames the grimey taxi driver who she did tell to meet her, tyra just edited that part out.and apparently "the walls are paper thin" as every time brittany raises her voice the lesbian supervising the challenge does the i just smelled a fart face.
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I knew Brittany was a crazy bitch underneath i didn't buy the hole bubbley sweet thing for a second.

Yay! Tyras is this weeks photograher she usually does the brillant black & white shoots, but this time she did a women magize shoot while her friend shot the girls for a mens magazine shoot.These were definetly the best photographs so far this season and the guys they got for the shoot were all totally hot, my favourite was Renee's they looked so hot together.
and that beach looked freezing i'm surpized that none of them had a lame fake freeze down like caridee's last seaon,also Dionne needs a Brazilian.
Jugdements Panel
The jugdes like all the photos apart from Dionnes mean stank face,and the lesbains back as a guest jugde you could totally tell she was getting a snail trial over the photos.
Tyra's "male models are just accessories" comment was a bit false i mean hasn't she heard of Calvin klein or vogue homme , bad ty ty.
Also tyra's photo this week was the one she was called fat for but surpisely you couldn't tell in the actual photos (thanks to photoshop)and this actually confirms Tyra just does the shoots souly for top model and there not taken out of elle magazine, like she acts they are, i love Tyra shes great.

PEE? aw too bad eugena wasn't there.

No more excuses as Brittany heads back to bartending. God i bet she's an awful bartender.She was elimanated as not one of the model clients wanted to book her "top model history" and if knowone wants to book her she can't model, no seriously? Oh the wisedom of tyty.
Even though her phots were amazing, aspecially this weeks she a bit too crazy.
Now only four remain,the cycle seems to be going really fast.
Can anyone even rember the name Kathleen,right?

next to go:Dionne

Check out this great new fashion site because the bitch who writes it knows what shes talking about.
and heres a vid which helps me have faith in my blog

and finally heres a message from Renee to all the sad haters who i guess deserve it as they left like nearly 50 pathetically lame comments.
fuck the haters
Peace & love*** from ANTM&ME (Oscar)
PPS.sorry if there's a few mistakes this week spellcheck wouldn't work.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

The Girls Go Down (on Nigel Barker) Under

The Girls Go Down Under
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The challenge was hosted by the beautiful April from cycle 2 who now host's some show i have never heard of, and the challenge was to interview each other which basically turned into a bitchy fest of questions,to which Jael should of won.
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Soon after that the girls find out there going to Australia,and they have a slightly delayed over reaction,and then Tyra comes in and stereotypes the whole country my jumping around in a kangaroo costume,i loved it when her head band fell off,and she like totally freaked out and got all embarrassed.

Whilst the girls are packing we are introduced to one of the most interesting characters so far this season the used tampon,surprisenly Jael finds it and throws it at Brittany who the picks it up and throws it somewhere else, I'm hopefully guessing Jaslene's mouth,

Speaking of Jaslene's mouth god were her DSL/astonished

faces annoying this episode,they were so Melinda no chin Doolittle you know the over the top fake black bitch from American idol.

Second challenge
The "original" host of Australia's next top model introduced the next challenge straight after the girls arrived in Australia.The challenge was to interview local people and use the slang words that were used over there.

Natasha interviewed some hot guy,his outfit was so cute like a white vest ,skinny jeans with Cuban heels he work it,i didn't know that metro sexuality was big in Australia.Renee wins the challenge for her use of slang,i think Renee needs to start bitching again shes becoming slightly forgettable.

Commercial shoot
This week the girls had to shoot a cover girl commercial using Australian accents witch is so stupid as they obviously just did that to make it harder.On the shoot i realized how much i hate one girl ,but sadly i have short term memory loss so i forgot her name.
After jael's shoot she does a tree nature speech, but Well at least Jael can climb as many trees as she wants now,i mean surely its got to be better than having your carrier ruinined by cover girl. aw miss her already.

nooooo, Jael's gone. All the personality just left the building,
i mean i can see why they eliminated her. Due to the fact she looks like a mentally insane little boy ,with that make over they gave her,she looked so so so much better blond.

Her exit video was the funniest one I've ever seen,she was laid back and Hilarius at the same time.Also she is back to blond with some funky pink streaks and is looking in to hosting some kind of MTV show.Or maybe she should just join Megg's bongo band.

next to go:Dionne or Brittany or maybe Natasha

PS. Here's a picture of a primordial dwarf that appeared on the Tyra banks show,were she gave them 5 second make offers and handed out the cheapest kind off ipod,and even with some of the rares things ever on her show she still managed to get the conversation about her.

peace & love ***

Saturday, 14 April 2007

The Girl Who Impresses Pedro

The Girl Who Impresses Pedro

The challenge was basically to put on a hat and make an arse of yourself,but at least we were blessed with another guess appearance from Tia from sister sister,man CW are really trying to push that show.

The first challenge was so cringe worthy and awkward,i loved it.

The second challenge was to do a scene with Pedro from Napoleon dynamite, and deservenly Renee wins and picks Dionne to share the prize.

At first Renee and Dionne think they just win t shirts, but then there families arrive at the house,Renee's baby was so cute.

But when Dionne's family arrived it kind of reminded me of when in flavor of love New York's mom comes to stay,seriously Dionne's mother could not have been more ghetto

Photo shoot
They bring back past top model contestants for a scandalous ANTM moments photo shoot, and all of them had cool moments apart from the twins whose scandalous moment was just being the twins.

The twins definitely have the most potential of all past contestants,there models.They have everything for high fashion modeling the unique look the incredible height and there super skinny.
I'm glad they didn't win as now they actually have a chance in the modeling world instead losing all personality and working for cover girl.

Dionne's " i don't even kiss my boyfriend"comment was quite strange.
I was like is it like a pretty woman thing or something,or is he just really ugly?

Though she did look really hot making out with Kim,Kim's totally hot.
unlike these two cha cha's.


Whitney gets thrown out, like some out of date cake.I thought she would
at least make it in the top three, as she represented some Tyra elements (fat & black).

and the moment between twiggy and jael was so adorable i just didn't want it to end.

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Also i think Tyra took the pirate style a bit to far this week.

when i first heard there was going to be two plus size models in this years competition , i was sure that one was going to win,giving Tyra's fat drama and all.But i was obviously wrong as yet another fatty goes bye bye.

winner: Renee
next to go: Brittany/Jael

and how could i forget the first nigelism of the season.

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Friday, 6 April 2007

The Girl Who Gets Thrown In The Pool

The Girl Who Gets Thrown In The Pool

Start of the episode
Twiggy appears looking better than usual and she reveals her real name Lesley Hornby.She then tells the girls to make up fake names for them selves, and we are blessed with a special appearance from melrose "SHE DON'T NEED THE ISSA".

Just like the twins from last season are going to appear next episode for a scandalous ANTM moments photo shoot.i wonder if Whitney and Michelle will engage in lesbian activeitys ,with them both being sexually confused basketball players and all.

Brittany - "Brit" (Brit the dog)
Dionne - "Wholahay" (Changed to "Brown" by Tyra) (racist much)
Jael - "Jael" (love it)
Jaslene - "Jaslene"
Natasha - "Nata" (Russian for poop)
Renee - "Nayien" (Changed to "NeNe" by Tyra)
Sarah - "Moe" (sounds retarded, so it suits her)
Whitney - "Whitelle"

I'm really interested to know if there actually going to keep the names?
Also at the start of the episode they showed flash backs from previous episodes and from seeing them, it was pretty easy to work out who was going.

This week's challenge was to make a good impression at the "Smart & Sexy" party.

The celebrities: included, Paris and Nicole,Austin from desperate housewives, the twins from sister sister, and 50 cent.
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During the party jael and Nata end up in the pool after 50, pushes jael in ,and Nata jumps in after her.

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and this challenge was pretty high class for ANTM,it was very unlike there usual cheap ass cocktail party at walmart.

I really liked jaels attitude towards the celebrity's, i mean why the fuck she should ass kiss them, shes just as good if not better than them.


Renee and Jael starting arguing back at the house after the Nicole Ritchie incident, i love Renee but jael definitely won this one

don't fuck with the blewish.

Photo shoot
The photo shoot idea rocked and Dionne's challenge win was pretty high class, as keds have done campaigns with celebrities like Mischa Barton

It was pretty obvious Sara was going after she chose to rename her self Moe,and she just wasn't pretty in person. She should definitely remain behind the camera.because if you didn't know shes "photographer" no really she is. But i have to admit, her retard faces did entertain me quite a bit.
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winner: jael/jaslene
next to go: nata
crazy bitch:jael

PS. Renee fan vid: