Tuesday, 15 May 2007

The Girl Who Doesn't Dance (and aint no fucking lezbo)

The Girl Who Doesn't Dance

Start of the episode
At the start of the episode i was some what surprised that Britney wasn't there,I thought she might of just wondered back in the house off the streets,memory what?
The girls get thrown straight into the challenge which starts out looking like some kind of African over eaters camp but turns out to be a story telling dance task.
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This challenge is to dance and tell a story was so in Dionne's words irrelevant.
Renee begins the challenge and introduces herself as Nene which was cute at first but now just pick a fucking name has she not noticed that the task ended like 5 weeks ago.

All the girls dances were Brittany forgettable apart from Renee who mentioned she was abused (reminiscent of Caridee's suicide reveal last season)so Obvisouly she wins and picks Jaslene to share the prize.
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Which turns out to be pearls so i guess no more $2 hoops for Jaslene, but when she loses (and she will) I'm sure Jaslene will hoop again,i mean what else is she going to wear to taco bell.

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eat it bitch

Cocktails and a bitch
The girls make plans to go out but unfortunately Natasha turns out to be ill,so the other three just go out to a dull night club which was really boring. When ever the girls have gone out in other seasons they've like cheated on there boyfriends or something.
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Natasha "can't swallow" maybe Jaslene could introduce her to spiting.
So Jaslene, Dionne and Renee talk/bitch about Natasha which made me like Renee less ,one of them made a claim like she has a make believe family. It's just like what are they expecting to find out that's she going to turn out to be a alien,she just doesn't talk about her husband because he's probably not that interesting, that doesn't make her an x file.

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Photo shoot
The girls head back to the forest to meet with the girls from the fat camp for a photo shoot ,were each girl must incorporate a dance into there shoot,this idea was a bit vanilla i think they should of had them pose with poisonous snakes or even just kangroos.
Dionne as she mentioned during the challenge does not dance , which was shocking as there's one a part of the ghetto stereotype she doesn't fit.

Natasha uses the illness card for the photo shoot which i have to agree with Tyra I'm so over that,and she just puts no effort into the shoot what so ever. Witch i think might be for a deeper reason, maybe it's because Caridee last season started to fuck up around the final and she wants to win like her.

YAY! Finally a panel test I've so missed those,I thought this test was really unfair on Dionne because she's probably never seen the show before. Unlike jaslene who was locked in a cupboard watching every episode and continuously purging since she was rejected last season .
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The test is that the girls have to pick who has the most and least potental and the girls gang up on Natasha. Which she doesn't seemed bothered by, but then again maybe she just didn't understand.

No blacks no fats and no fems for the final 3 as Dionne/Brown/Wholahay leaves the down under.
I think Tyra was right to keep Natasha, the girls were so jealous of her.
I can't seem to figure out were the jealously is coming from. Also Natasha's too stupid to be manipulative,
i mean is this really the face of evil?
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(as the other 2 are being made out to be bitches)
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PS. were the fucks Janice if shes not in the next episode I'm gonna be pissed.
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here's a simple answer to those who dislike
our blog :just do not read it.I'm not writing this blog for Nobel prize winners it a little review/make fun of ANTM blog. If you don't like it that is because it's probably not aimed at you. Also I'm getting bored off you're little lame cyber argument's.

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you're like fourfours annoying little bitchy sister, and i hate you. but some of those pics are funny

Americas next top model & me said...

eerm thanks, i guess.

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Please stop advertising on fourfour. It's really annoying.

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Read fourfour!! This blog is as funny as a fucking hemorhoid!!!!

Read fourfour!!

Read Fourfour!!!

Rich is the best!! THE BEST!!

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yea readers u should read fourfour
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Also i wish several roar hemorhoids on the previous commenter,lol.

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I'll answer the questions you asked me before on here.

What do I want from you? Nothing. That's the point, I'm just making my comments. You don't have to like them, but since this is a public blog I think I have the right to express my opinion.

I work at a law firm. No, I do not work for world of warcraft. No, I'm not a PC geek. I work at a law firm while also going to law school (one more year to go!).

A loser? Ok, you can call me a loser. I don't get my self esteem from the internet anyway, nor do i feel the need to put others down for my own pleasure. I do like facts. You are correct about that. I think you are confused about what a fact is?

I mean, honestly, I don't care. This is amusing to me. I don't read you blog, I just come to respond to the comments towards me.

Do you look better than me? We can't even compare since I am a few years older than you. Does it matter? I'm confident enough to not need you to think I am good looking.

Anyway, thanks for the interest in my job!


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